Bootstrap 5’s very first alpha has arrived!

Posted: 18-06-2020 | Views: 1190

Bootstrap 5’s very first alpha has arrived! We’ve been working hard for several months to refine the work we started in v4, and while we’re feeling great about our progress, there’s still even more to do.

We’ve been focused on making the migration from v4 to v5 more approachable, but we’ve also not been afraid to step away from what’s outdated or no longer appropriate. As such, we’re very happy to say that with v5, Bootstrap no longer depends on jQuery and we’ve dropped support for Internet Explorer. We’re sharpening our focus on building tools that are more future-friendly, and while we’re not fully there yet, the promise of CSS variables, faster JavaScript, fewer dependencies, and better APIs certainly feel right to us.

Currently the major changes expected in v. 5 include:

  • Removing jQuery
  • Deprecated support for IE10
  • Dropping QUnit
  • Building testing infrastructure in Jasmine
  • Documentation rewritten in Hugo
  • General massive changes in JavaScript
  • General minor changes in CSS
  • Responsive containers

Learn more about new features in Bootstrap 5 in the article What's new in Bootstrap 5?

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